Keep your computer awake
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What is Insomniate?

Insomniate is a very lightweight app that prevents your computer from going into Sleep/Standby mode. This is very useful when you don't have access to change your computer's power settings. Insomniate is a portable single executable which means installation is not required. It can be easily removed from your computer by just deleting the downloaded file.

Insomniate vs Insomniate Simple

Both Insomniate and Insomniate Simple are lightweight apps that run in the background (System Tray area). The main difference between the two is with the Simple version, there is no GUI. You just launch the app and forget about it. As long as the app is running (In the System Tray area), the computer will not go into Sleep/Standby mode. With the "non" simple version, there is a GUI where you can manipulate Insomniate's built-in countdown timer and change how often you want it to interact with your computer to keep it awake.

08/27/2016 New updated design Online version checker Updated notifications Cleaned up legacy code Better timer implementation Speed improvements
08/16/2016 Timer improvements
06/03/2015 Minor bug fixes
05/24/2015 Initial Release